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Hello, I'm Valeria!! and I welcome you to my website!! First of all, let me tell you that life takes a thousand turns and that I am a believer in second chances. Daughter of Spanish parents, I emigrated from Montevideo with the hope of practicing my great hobby here and then after some difficult years, life brought me closer to people and opportunities, because what is for us ends up coming to us, and today I can say I am proud that makeup has been my usual profession for more than 10 years.

Curious and eternal learner, passionate about makeup, over the years I have understood that it is a great tool that helps us not only change the outside, but also strengthen the inside.

The sense of humor, music, great self-demand, the most absolute respect for my profession and for the details that make the difference, are the components that form part of the backbone of my work and I adhere to them day by day with the desire to be better and better.

Today, I am living the life I always dreamed of, a job that is so varied, from television, fashion shows, brides, advertising, this dynamic allows me to explore many different facets of makeup and understand that as such, it is a very powerful language, understanding Finally, personal image is my passion, you are my passion, it's that simple. 


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