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My name is Valeria González, I am a makeup artist who understands makeup as the tool to bring out your maximum potential, without losing your essence, so that at the end of my work you continue to feel like yourself, recognize yourself and like yourself.

Enhance your beauty without losing the essence

I would like to offer you a personalized service, to do so, I will advise you, taking into account your tastes and needs.

I will make your makeup last the most emotional moments. For that, I will take into account the technical part of it, the photography and the flash of that day.

With a high-end briefcase and an absolutely professional hygiene protocol.

I promise you that you will arrive at the altar radiant and you will be the bride you always dreamed of.

Without forgetting that on that day, my ultimate goal is to make you have a good time, full of humor and joy, to keep you calm and confident, I will be your greatest ally.

On the big day, I want to be part of your celebration!

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Learn how to do makeup like a professional for photography, video and television, with Valeria's tips and techniques. Discover how to choose products, colors and textures, correct imperfections and enhance your natural beauty.

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